Post Card looking South down Main St. 1910
Mayors 1882 to present
Joseph W. Newcomer                    1882-1883
J. S. Mumma                                1883-1884
John Kershner                              1884-1886
Robert Marks                                1886-1887
Edward Hiller                               1887-1888
Joel B. Bertolet                             1888-1892
Charles E. Buzzell                         1892-1893
Hiram F. Smith          resigned      Nov. 1893
Josiah Kretsinger                          1893-1894
George L. Wiley                            1894-1896
Emery I. Neff                               1896-1897
Joseph W. Foster                          1897-1898
Philip Sprecher                             1898-1901
S. B. Bowerman                           1901-1902
John A. Motter                             1902-1905
F. W. Robinson                            1905-1907
George W. Finkboner                   1907-1909
F.W. Robinson                             1909-1911
S. E. Sprecher                              1911-1913
F. W. Robinson                            1913-1914
J. T. Kretsinger                            1914-1917
Dr. H. E. Bowerman                    1917-1919
J. T. Kretsinger                            1919-1925
P. W. Milhaven                            1925-1928
L. L. Motter                                 1928-1929
Dr. H. E. Bowerman                    1929-1943  Quimby H. Davis                          1943-1945
C. L. Lovell                                  1945-1948
Herva Knodle    By appointment   1948-1949
Ralph Blair                                  1949-1953
Wayne Otto M.D.                         1953-1954
Robert G. Fry    By appointment   1954-1955
John Wagner                               1955-1965
Robert G. Fry                              1965-1971
Donald Motter                             1971-1977
Richard C. Kretsinger                  1977-2001
Tim Mulford                               2001-2009
Paul Bral                                    2009-                                                 
Leaf River Depot 1910
The village has "kept up with the times" in that: the school system has expanded and they consistently remained accredited by the State; the village sewage treatment plant has been upgraded and meets the strictest  State regulations; the streets are maintained regularly; there are two active churches in the community; the Bertolet Building, park, pool, and library are the geographical and social centers of the community.  Leaf River has become an ideal location for rural living.  Retired farmers have found a quiet and peaceful town in which to retire, while others have moved in from the City to enjoy small town living.  Leaf River is a typical farming community, "typical" in the strictest sense of the word.  Two farms lie within the village limits, one in the heart of the village, the other across from the High School.  Homes have been built around the farm buildings.  A population increase is noted in the Census reports:  (1930 was 382), (1940 was 415), (1950 was 444), (1960 was 546), (1970 was 633), and (1980 was 637).  While the increase from 1930 to 1980 was not spectacular, it did not show a decline.  In summary, when an objective view is taken of Leaf River, one wonders just what has kept it ticking.  By rights, it should have disappeared along with the bank in the 30's, the horse and buggy, and the two-party line.  The doctors have died or moved away.  The passenger trains no longer go through here.  Many businesses have passed from existence.  Yet, when an organization plans a money making project, when there is a school activity, when the churches sponsor a fund raiser, when the siren sounds, or when help is needed, community support is always evident.
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The above article was written in 1982.
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Looking North Standing at the tracks
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Looking North at the West side of Main St.
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